What is online counselling?

Online therapy refers to therapy conducted via the internet. Some people may prefer to use video conferencing so that we can see each other as we speak, and some may prefer to use just audio. I encourage you to try video conferencing and I will support you by answering any questions and making it as easy a process as possible.

I currently offer video counselling using Zoom.  

Sessions are 50 minutes in length. 

Benefits and Challenges

Some things you may enjoy about therapy online/via telephone are:

  • You can create a comfortable and private space in your own home from which to attend therapy.

  • You may find it easy to talk, focus and express yourself.

  • You may enjoy wearing comfortable clothes, bringing a cup of tea and avoiding a commute after a therapy session.

  • We may be able to be more flexible about scheduling.

  • Therapy at a time, place and pace that suits you.

  • No chance that you may be seen entering the counsellors practice.

  • Research shows that online/telephone therapy is as effective as in-person therapy.

  • Savings on travel or parking expenses and saving on travel times.

Some of the challenges we may face could be to do with internet connection. I will share some instructions below to help get you set up.

Another challenge could be that we do not see the whole of each other. I will explain how we can set up our devices for eye contact, but our cameras generally limit the view to the top half of our bodies. We will have to use more verbal explanations as a result.

It may be quite a demanding experience, especially for those using computer screens in everyday life. We may spend some time building resources and developing a self care plan to support you. 



Creating Your Therapy Space

I encourage you to treat the online session as you would an in-person session and implement as many of the same boundaries as possible.


Find a comfortable space with privacy. This could be a comfortable armchair, your office desk, garden, parked car or the living room floor. I suggest sitting on something where your back is supported and encourage you to get up and move if you start to feel uncomfortable.


You may wish to put a note on the door of the room requesting that other people not disturb you except in an emergency.


I encourage you to use headphones or earphones. This keeps the content of our sessions private, improves sound quality and also minimises distractions.


Please close other applications and browser windows on your device, and put your phone on silent or turn it off just as we do in person.

You are welcome to bring water or a cup of tea or coffee with you to the session. Please avoid alcohol and drugs prior to and during the session and please do not smoke or vape during the session.

Your pet is welcome to join you; however, it is important to be aware that this could be distracting for either or both of us.

Give yourself time after the session to process the session before rejoining your family, working or making other calls.