Together we'll find the light.



Do you ever feel lost at sea in need of a guiding light? Or stuck in life and not sure why? You may feel alone, like no one understands. All of these I can help with.


My name is Rebecca Skinner, a qualified counsellor and registered member of the BACP, more specifically I help people to unknot their emotions and make sense of their thought processes and way of ‘being’.


I work predominantly with trauma and the wide range of issues this brings such as PTSD, cPTSD, anxiety and depression. This trauma may be a result of childhood abuse or neglect or traumatic events that occurred later in life such as sexual or domestic abuse, disaster or other significant incident that now affects your behaviours and thought processes. I help you to stabilise, come to terms with traumatic memories, integrate and move on.

At the heart of my therapeutic practice, I believe we are all unique individuals, with differing life experiences, as such, I take an integrative approach. This means I am trained in a diverse range of therapeutic models so I can tailor myself to truly be by your side, you will no longer be alone.


Offering you a space filled with warmth and empathy, I provide total and complete acceptance, this is a safe place for you to explore yourself without fear of judgement. I help you to find your own answers, providing you a sense of empowerment and autonomy, you will find your own voice.

I work with young people age 16+ and adults from all walks of life, I hold an enhanced with barred lists check DBS certificate. As well as my private practice I have experience of working with specialist agencies including Family Matters and SATEDA. I am also a safeguarding advisor, part of this role includes working with survivor groups and with registered sex offenders. I have a keen interest in working with survivors of abuse and perpetrators of sexual or domestic abuse.


It is important our therapeutic relationship works for you, so to see if we are a good ‘fit’ or if you’re ready to explore what is blocking you or make sense of your emotions, then give me a call or drop me an email.

Becoming 'Me'

I have always been drawn towards helping other people. Formerly a police officer, I specialised in supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse, discriminatory abuse and sexual abuse. I later transferred into schools, pastorally supporting children and young adults, many of whom had experienced physical or sexual abuse, neglect or were heavily involved in gang related behaviours.


Whilst this was challenging yet highly rewarding work, I always felt my place in life was to do more, to support and help others. After exploring my own experiences of trauma in both childhood and adult life, I came to realise how deep those channels ran and commenced my journey to becoming a counsellor.